Project Buniyad

Buniyad is a program initiated by the district administration to provide special coaching and teaching in Science, Mathematics and English subjects throughout the academic session for Class X students in three model schools in Sukma District, Chhattisgarh.


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Ensure grade level competency of children studying in Class X for three subjects- Science, Mathematics and English.

To incorporate activity based learning to relate to the subject better.

Help children attain satisfactory level of marks in Class X Board Exam.

Develop understanding of difficult and technical subjects like Science and Mathematics through intensive delivery of theory and practical classes.

Model schools are English medium schools, initiated to impart CBSE based education for children in Backward and Naxalite areas. The entry class for Model School is class 6th where students who have studied Class 5th in Hindi medium are admitted.


Confusion created in the students’ mind due to the sudden switch from Hindi medium to English medium.

Lack of teachers experienced in CBSE based education.


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The students are being trained in theory and practical according to the CBSE Lab Manual for Science And Mathematics.

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A visit to Air force station to inspire and motivate the students.

Project Buniyad is initiated as a pilot study for Class X students to improve the quality of Science, Mathematics, and English teaching and prepare them for CBSE High School Examination.

El Capitan was given the opportunity to outsource teachers and design the curriculum for Science, Mathematics and English.

Two Model schools in the Rokel and Konta block have been  merged with the  Model school in District headquarters helping build a class of 65 students undergoing the training

The students are being given an insight into various aspects of Science like astronomy and applied sciences to motivate them to pursue a professional career.

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Portable planetarium installed in the school premises to expose the students to Astronomy.

Expected outcomes

Together with a gain in the basic understanding of science, the academic performance of children should be more than or equal to the numbers and percentages given in the table