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Child Level

  Quick assessment through different tests to gauge children’s reading, writing and understanding ability in mathematics and literature.

  Grade wise assessment of children for intervention planning.

Teacher Level

  Designing and rolling out of teachers’ assessment for formative purposes.

  Education Testing Tools on the basis of SSA and SCERT guidelines.

  Data management for MIS, analysis and reporting purposes.

Teacher Training

  Studies suggest that the need to evolve a model of tribal education can be rooted by enhancing the strengths of tribal teachers. EL Capitan offers teacher training for maximum effectiveness as an ongoing process during the intervention.

  In addition to training, capacity building of teachers on academic competence and pedagogy is also done.

  The training sessions are subject and content based, and assist teachers in enhancing their teaching methodology and critical experience to facilitate better preparation of children for their years ahead.

  Training of education staff, including Block Resource Persons (BRPs) and Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs) is also offered.


Customized Educational Kits

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  We offer customized educational kits for each specific school/training course according to the age and the background of the participants, the duration and the goals of the course and the participant’s attitude and experience with teaching.

  The mathematics kits include numbers, place value, number operations, geometry, measurement and algebra (under development).

  The language kits include flash and letter cards.

  We also have a mobile library, which is facilitated by Pratham Books and National Book Club, New Delhi) with level-wise segregation of books.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  Specific tools are designed to help in determining the improvement levels of a program, to assess the usefulness of a new initiative and to quantify effectiveness of the training programs.

  The tools foster better learning, transparency and accountability, and the feedback from evaluations can be used to improve existing interventions or to design new ones.

  Evaluation findings also help to reposition a Ministry by using the information from evaluation to develop a new strategic plan or simply to bargain for additional resources.

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